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Friday, 2 November 2007

Brunei Halal Makes Its Mark

Bandar Seri Begawan - Brunei-made halal products with Brunei Premium Halal branding are beginning to make their way into the Chinese consumer market as people in China are eager to try something new and tasteful that is also topnotch in quality and hygiene. Many believe that this is a positive sign that Brunei halal products may have huge potential not only in the Middle East but also in China, boasting a huge consumer population of over a billion people. It is a market that Brunei companies, especially in the food sector, can ill afford to overlook.
Brunei companies taking part in this year's 4th CAExpo at NIECC at Nanning city in Guangxi, are Ending themselves overwhelmed with interest shown by the Chinese consumers on their products.
Companies such Halaqah Sdn Bhd, which has brought over some stock for the expo, found their product samples snapped up in no time.

As early as day of the expo, the visitors finished off food samples and many bought the products offered by local

Brunei companies.
"As you can see, this is only the first day but we may have nothing to offer tomorrow. The response has been overwhelming both from trade visitors and the general consumers," said Pengiran Hj Hassan bin PMSLDSI Pg Hj Damit, Halaqah's Executive Director.
"We could not stop them from tasting as a large number of them bought the products that showed their immense interest in our products. I just hope that we have some left for the display," he added.
Halaqah brought three new products, namely Corn Beef, Corn Mutton and Corn Ostrich. These products are all new, which Halaqah introduced in May, August and September this year.
Pengiran Hj Hassan said, Halaqah has received a lot of queries for partnership and a number of enquiries from the Chinese and other buyers on importing the products from Brunei.
There are 30 million Muslims in China, which represents a huge market potential for halal goods.
Due to the expo, in the city of Nanning alone Brunei local food companies are making a mark for themselves with their products.
Brunei is also focusing on Brunei Halal brand, which in itself helps promote local products not only as halal but also with high quality and proven hygiene standards. -- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

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