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Saturday, 3 November 2007

NBK launches Sharia-Compliant Watani USD Money Market Fund

(MENAFN Press, 28 Oct 07) National Bank of Kuwait S.A.K. announced for the first time the launch of a new USD money market fund according to Islamic Shariah Principles, with the investment objective to achieve competitive returns by investing in short and medium term Shariah compliant instruments that are available in the financial markets. This comes after the big success and the ongoing enthusiasm for the Watani KD Money Market Fund According to Islamic Shariah Principles that was launched in February 2007.Salah Yousef Al-Fulaij, General Manager of Investment Services and Treasury Group, explained that the Fund aims to achieve returns in excess of the USD fixed deposit rate, through investing in high quality money market instruments such as murabaha transactions and Ijara according to Islamic Shariah Principles and which suits our clients' needs. Furthermore, the Fund will seek to increase its Net Asset Value while achieving a high level of liquidity by investing in high quality instruments. The Fund is denominated in US Dollars, with a minimum investment of USD 25,000 and additional investments of USD 1,000. The Fund is open-ended with weekly subscriptions and redemptions.Al-Fulaij also noted that the Watani USD Money Market Fund According to Islamic Shariah Principles, along with other NBK Islamic Funds, is under the supervision and guidance of the independent Shariah Advisory Committee, which guarantees that all operations and procedures are according to Islamic Shariah Principles. In addition, the Fund enjoys an independent financial credibility.

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