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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Call to introduce dirham, dinar to end usury


Renowned Spanish scholar Sheikh Umar Ibrahim Vadillo has called for introducing the system of Islamic dirham and dinar in order to get liberty from usury.

Addressing a seminar – titled “Effects of usury on economy and economic situation of Muslim countries adopting interest system” organized by Punjab University’s Academic Staff Association (PU-ASA) – Vadillo said a group of the richest families of the world had introduced the system of usury in order to control the economy and states of the world.

He said the original model was Muamalat and the full implementation of Muamalat meant the establishment of an Islamic trading bloc, based on our model of trade and our currency, the Islamic Dinar and Dirham. He said an Islamic Trading Bloc was not just for trade among Muslims but it was also for non-Muslims.

Regarding the validity of gold, he said that its greatest strength was the fact that it had been the best international money in history. He said the people of America had become slave of the Wall Street and they wanted freedom from it.

Vadillo said our banking system was not so strong and we needed to expunge it from usury and planning was underway for the purpose. He said imperialistic powers should understand that now the age of stupidity had ended and now we understood their conspiracies. To achieve this goal, he said, knowledge was the only option through which we could defeat them.

Citing the example of China, he said that we should adopt the system of gold and silver which would automatically devalue dollar. He urged the government of Pakistan to implement the system of Dirham and Dinar in Pakistan. In his inaugural address, PU Vice Chancellor Dr Mujahid Kamran said all the problems facing the mankind were because of the present system of economy. He said that nine million houses had been foreclosed in the US for not paying interest.

He said that these banking families had imposed wars on mankind and now they were imposing third World War. He urged the Muslims to follow the teachings of Quran as over 700 Aya’hs of the holy book focused on solving the mysteries of universe.

(The International News / 13 July 2012)

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