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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Nigeria: Shareholder Bishop Supports Islamic Banking

A Bishop in the Dioceses of Chris Temple Ministry International, Bishop Goodluck Akpore, yesterday said opponents of Islamic Banking in Nigeria are ignorant of the products the bank offers as it is not against Christians in the country.
Speaking at the Annual General Meeting of Jaiz Bank Plc in Abuja, the Bishop who is also the Chairman of Onitsha zone shareholder association said he was going to preach to his congregation to buy into the bank.
He said: "I will preach tomorrow in the church and let everybody in this country come and hear me," he said.
The Christian Association of Nigeria has kicked against the operation of Islamic Banking in Nigeria saying it would Islamised the country.
But the Bishop said CAN statement does not represent the views of every Christian.
He said: "Let me tell you, people can go personal and we have gone to meetings several times and we have told them that look don't talk for me, what you have in your mind cannot be for me, I have my own opinion, business is a personal issue, let Christian go and open their own Christian Bank if it is possible.
Asked if he was not going to be looked at as a sell out among his Christian brothers, Akpore said, "Those who know me know that I cannot be bought over.

(All Africa / 05 July 2012)

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