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Monday, 1 October 2012

Al Hilal Bank’s Global Sukuk Fund generates 4.3 per cent return

The fund invests in a diversified portfolio of Shari’ah-compliant Sukuk issued by sovereign, quasi-sovereign and corporations and aims to generate regular income as well as capital appreciation.
Global Sukuk issuances have topped $36 billion while total GCC Sukuk issuances have reached $17.7 billion compared to only $7.3 billion during 2011. Several regional and global issuers have increasingly tapped the Sukuk market to take advantage of the prevailing low interest rate environment while debt refinancing needs support a healthy pipeline of new issues. In the secondary market, scarcity value and abundant liquidity has bolstered Sukuk prices. These factors along with the fund manager’s superior Sukuk selection capabilities have contributed to the strong performance returns of Al Hilal Global Sukuk Fund. The fund is also well positioned to capitalize on the future upside potential of Sukuk.
Al Hilal Global Sukuk offers an extremely competitive fee structure with subscription fees of 0.75 per cent and management fees of 0.85 per cent. Furthermore, a low minimum subscription amount of $10,000 makes the fund attractive for retail investors.
“We believe through prudent investment strategy and good timing for the fund launch has contributed to the fund’s success and has attracted strong investor demand. The fund has more than doubled in size from $16 million at inception to $40 million,” says Lim Say Cheong, EVP of Investment Banking Group of Al Hilal Bank.
(C.P.I Financial / 30 Sep 2012)
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