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Sunday, 28 July 2013

"Zakat Inspired" Ensures That All Funds Are Distributed in Accordance with the Tradition of the Prophet Muhammad

Passaic, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/26/2013 -- One thing for which Islam is highly respected is its willingness to help the lower class of the society with much essential and basic necessities of life. The religion has always been on the path shown by the Prophet Muhammad. In such a similar way, Zakat charity is a project that has been started to make the dreams of the prophet come true. The portal asks all individuals and institutions from local as well as national community to add-on to zakat collection. The portal then makes sure that all the funds collected here in this portal are distributed in the local New Jersey area as well as nationwide so that many people get benefited by them. Also, people can do direct payment to Zakat charity.

The Zakat charity also has made many measures and policies to ensure that all the funds collected are distributed with the traditional Islamic laws. All the policies of the portal are reviewed properly by the well appointed independent body of scholars called as Zakat Executive Council. The policies laid down by the portal are even approved by many local and countrywide scholars.

About Zakat Inspired is a wonderful organization which help all the people who are in need and it try to fulfill all the basic facilities of life like money, clothes, food, etc. Zakat Inspired enforces very tight monetary controls and also adds a lot of transparency along with responsibility in all its dealings in all levels. The policy related to the charity is approved by many scholars and has measures for internal as well as external audits with several checks to make sure that zakat pay zakat funds are not misused. It has been done without any material benefit but their aim to help the needy, for the sake of “Allah The Most High”.

(SB-Wire / 26 July 2013)

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