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Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Pakistan's Vision 2030 to create prosperous, just society imbibed with Islamic values

ISLAMABAD, Aug 21 (APP): The government on Tuesday launched Vision 2030 programme, a roadmap for the development of the key areas of national importance, aiming at creating a prosperous and just society imbibed with Islamic values. “Vision 2030 is focused on developed, industrialized, just and prosperous Pakistan through rapid and sustainable development in a resource constrained economy by deploying knowledge inputs,” Deputy Chairman Planning Commission Dr Akram Sheikh said while briefing participants about the salient features of Vision 2030 at its launching ceremony held at Aiwan-e-Sadr. Dr Sheikh said the Vision 2030 implied economically and industrially developed nation with self-reliance, dynamism and competitiveness in character. He said the prime objective of this effort would be to transform an economy characterized by low saving-investment ratio, low growth, low taxes, low productivity and low technology. He said Vision 2030 aimed into an economy of high saving-cum-investment, high technology cum productivity and high-cum-sustained growth rates, but without sacrificing considerations of compassion, equity and justice, he said. He said the programme is aimed at making Pakistan a major regional hub for industry, trade and education.
On achieving economic goals, Dr Sheikh said the objective was to enhance country’s GDP around US$ 1,000 billion with per capita income expected to quadruple from US$ 925 in 2007 to about US$ 4,000 in 2030. Dr Sheikh said focus would be laid on reducing population growth from 1.9 to one percent. On literacy rate, he said it would be increased upto hundred percent by 2015 according to the roadmap. Dr Sheikh said a necessary condition for the successful implementation of a visionary plan is the continuity for a long period of time, to translate it into reality. “Implementation of a series of five-year development frameworks formulated in the context of a 25 year Vision would restore confidence of the nation in its thinkers, planners and implementers to deliver the promises and demonstrate the practicality and usefulness of implementing medium-term goals.” He said to achieve this Vision, Pakistan will have to overcome the binding constraint of limited resources including financial, scientific, technical, technological and human resources. He said all energies would have to be devoted towards sustaining macroeconomic stability, reduction of poverty and unemployment, food security, social and regional harmony and the greatest good of the greatest numbers. Dr Sheikh said, “We missed many golden opportunities in the past and cannot afford the luxury to miss such opportunities anymore now or in future.” He said the current momentum of growth needed to be maintained and further improves by unflinching commitment to national vision and objectives and strict adherence to critical factors of success.
Note: Malaysia has a similar vision called "Vision 2020", based on 9 challenges, to achieve a developed nation status. It was initiated by the Malaysian government about 16 years ago. - Editor

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