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Monday, 21 July 2014

Ramadan Question: How much Zakat Al Fitr?

At the end of the Month of Ramadan every Muslim individual bears the responsibility to donate Zakat al Fitr, an amount of money specified by the local religious authorities to be donated for the cause of charity.

The amount of this donation in the UAE has been assessed to be Dh20 for the year 2014, confirmed a mufti speaking on the Fatwa toll free number of the General Authority for Islamic Affairs and Endowments (GAIAE).

This amount should be referred to whenever the individual has performed his fast in the UAE, he added.

If a person has performed his fast in a foreign country, the amount determined in that country should be taken in to account. If the person carried out some of the fast in the UAE, and then traveled to complete the fast in another country the second country should be referred to for the determination of the amount.

This being said, the destination of the donation can be anywhere, as long as it serves a poor Muslim person. If people prefer to send Zakat al Fitr to their home country they are permitted to do so, explained the mufti.

It is important to send the money on time so it will reach the destination before Eid al Fitr, he added.

If the fast was performed in the UAE and the donation will be sent to another country, the amount should be Dh20.

In order to donate Zakat al Fitr in the UAE there are many channels, such as the various charity organisations in the country.

But if the zakat is paid to a poor individual Muslim this is also accepted, the mufti concluded concluded.

(Emirates News / 18 July 2014)
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